Teaching Experience

  • Holding Workshop at Polytechnic University in CloudSim, CloudSimEx Simulators (1st September 2013)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee and the speaker of Iran’s first national conference on cloud computing, Polytechnic University (3th and 4th November 2012) http://ask.occc.ir/index.php?qa=user&qa_1=nedamaleki
  • Holding Workshop at Polytechnic University  in CloudSim, CloudAnalyst, CloudReports Simulators (20th and 21th  July 2012)
  • Holding Workshop at Qazvin Azad University in Cloud Fundamental and its Simulator; Cloudsim (10th and 11th April 2013)
  • Teacher in Raja University as Below Subjects:
    • Storage and Retrieval Information
    • Web-based Programming and Design (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS)
    • Internet Engineering
    • Technical language
    • Signals and Systems
    • Assembly
  • Teacher Assistant of Dr. Amir Masoud Rahmani in Cloud Computing Course, BigData Section

Job Experience

  • Java Programming in JDeveloper and Eclipse IDEs
  • EXJS Framework for Designing User Interface
  • JSP and Servlets for Business Layer
  • SQL Database
  • Working with Cloud Computing Simulators e.g. CloudSim, CloudAnalyst
  • Be Familiar with Matlab